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New Home Construction

Quality, value and uncompromised attention to detail are the expectations every owner should have when selecting a builder as their partner for the construction of their new home. Because of these key factors, we have been approached by clients who already have completed architectural plans and a site ready for a home.  These clients select us to transform their visions into reality.

Despite being brought into the homebuilding process at a later stage, we are still able to add value by leveraging long term relationships with subcontractors and suppliers, and through our hands on approach to building.  We have worked with clients to fine tune their home, streamlining the construction schedule as well any unnecessary costs.  Because AJC Partners is an EnergyStar Certfied Builder, we are able to significantly reduce the energy usage of the home without significantly increasing the cost to build.  Clients know they can rely on us to meet tight schedules and stay within the confines of a budget, while maintaining our “true quality concept.”

Before the start of every project, we meet with the architect, engineers, and design professionals to form a cohesive, multidisciplinary team so that each team’s vision is brought to the table and can be thoroughly executed.  This simple step serves as a point of clarification.  A successful custom home is a creative effort based on effective and open communication, tight project coordination and the close collaboration between the homeowner, builder, architect, engineers, design professionals and subcontractors throughout the building process.

Q & A / Value Engineer / Documents
  • Review plans with clients
  • Assess completed plans for value engineering opportunities
  • Collaborate on specifications and design requirements
  • Assist in selections / specifications
  • Progress meetings with clients
  • Prepare construction contract and comprehensive budget

Minimal Cost

  • Determine start and completion dates to be outlined in contract
  • Permits to be procured by AJC
  • Weekly meeting with client
  • Schedule sub-contractors and inspections
  • Weekly management inspections
  • Payments to be disbursed on draw schedule outlined in contract
  • Punch list at completion of project

COST: Cost Plus Margin or Fixed Price Contract

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