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Design Build

Design / Build is an overly used term in the homebuilding industry.  We define it as an approach based on delivering the greatest value achievable within a defined budget and schedule.

Traditionally, new home construction has been performed in phases, where an architect is first selected to complete the design of the home.  Then, a builder is selected to construct the project.  This approach has not always proven to be the most successful since alternate means and methods could be identified by the Builder during the design phase, which in turn could impact the efficiency, cost and schedule of the project.

Under our design build approach, we first work with you to examine how you live in your home by interviewing you and then carefully listening to what you say.  We make sure you will receive what is most important to you while staying true to the style of the home and your budget.  We listen to how you entertain, the types of visitors you have, traffic flow, hobbies, how and where you eat, how and where you work in your home, how your kids and their friends play, and other key aspects of your life.  We also look at the shape and topography of the home site to maximize views, account for slopes and maximize space and natural features.

We then assist the homeowner in selecting a proven architect that is best suited for their specific project requirements and design expectations.  During this phase, the homeowner, architect, and AJC Partners will work to compose a plan that is a culmination of the owner’s objectives in terms of cost, quality, design and schedule.

Initial Consultation
Feasibility Analysis / Preliminary Design
Construction Documents
Meeting to discuss the project, budget and initial design ideas

No Charge Service

  • Perform and analyze site survey
  • Determine zoning restrictions
  • Assess needs and wants
  • Explore design, size and layout options
  • Draft preliminary home plan
  • Prepare a preliminary budget

COST: ~$2000 - $6000 average

  • Review initial plans with clients
  • Provide value engineering services through collaboration with architect, engineer, project manager, and key sub-contractors
  • Assist in selections / specifications
  • Refine home plan and design ideas
  • Progress meetings with clients
  • Finalize home, site and design plan
  • Prepare construction contract and comprehensive budget

COST: ~$4000 - $12,000 average

  • Determine start and completion dates to be outlined in contract
  • Permits to be procured by AJC
  • Weekly meeting with client
  • Schedule sub-contractors and inspections
  • Weekly management inspections
  • Payments to be disbursed on draw schedule outlined in contract
  • Punch list at completion of project

COST: Cost Plus Margin or Fixed Price Contract


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